Everyone has questions about many areas of their lives, but there are some topics or areas as a medium that I just won’t touch. But before I talk about those questions, I’d like to clarify what a medium is and does.

A medium is someone who can communicate with the deceased, and provides you with a way to connect with those who have passed on. However; we are not magicians. We do not predict things, we just give messages. You still need to take an active role in your life, and not just wait for something to happen.

Most mediums are not therapists – and that includes me. While I am happy to listen to and try to answer any questions you have during a session, serious emotional/psychological issues should be discussed with a licensed professional.

Now that I’ve settled that – here is a list of those topics/questions, and the reasons I won’t touch them.

Q: How is someone feeling about me?
I do not touch this question because it falls under the category of “Psychic Spying”. If you want to know how someone feels about you, then please ask them. It’s better to get the answer right from the person! Most of the time there’s a deeper question that isn’t being asked.

Q: Is so-and-so thinking of me?
Similar to the first question, if you want to know if someone has been thinking of you – ASK THEM! If you don’t trust them to be honest with you then there is a deeper issue that needs to be addressed.

Q: What are so-and-so’s intentions towards me?
See above.

Q: Is my partner going to propose to me?
While I can answer this question, I usually encourage you not to ask that question. First, if he/she/they/them are going to propose, why not be surprised? And if they’re not, I’d hate to be the one to give you that bad news. However, this is not a forbidden question.

Q: Is the person I am currently dating “the one”?
This is a very complicated question to answer. There are many people out there who can qualify as “the one”. The best answer I can give you is to trust your instincts and intuition.

Q: Do you think I need to be concerned about [specific health issue here]?
I am not a doctor. If you are wondering if you should see a doctor, you probably should. Please be advised that any advice given to you by me is taken at your own risk, and should not be taken over the advice of a medical professional or specialist. Listen to your doctor – and stay healthy!

Q: What are the winning lotto numbers?
Let’s face it. If I knew that, then I would be playing those numbers myself.

I am not a politician nor do I aspire to be one. Anything political is strictly forbidden in my readings.

Q: Can you or the spirits help me get into a relationship with so-and-so?
No. I am a medium, not a dating service.

Q: Can you or the spirits do anything to hurt/harm/punish so-and-so for doing something mean to me?
No. I do not believe in hurting people, but I do believe in Karma. Do not wish bad things for people. As a medium, the only action I take is giving a message. Here’s some advice – Instead of seeking revenge on someone, try seeking mediation and seeing if you can both come to terms. This way, everyone wins.

Q: Is so-and-so angry with me?
If so-and-so is deceased, I’d be happy to try and connect with that person to give you an answer. If the person you’re enquiring about is alive, then ask them.  This question is usually asked out of some form of guilt, but the querent’s ego or fears are stopping them from approaching the person directly.

Now that we’ve talked about questions that I won’t answer – let’s talk about questions that I will answer!

Most questions that are centered around you and not someone else are fair game.   Here are some examples:

Q: Am I on the right career path?
Usually I will answer this question. This is a great question to ask to see if you are living up to your full potential in the career you have chosen.

Q: Do you see a promotion coming my way?
While it’s not guaranteed, I would be happy to look into that for you.

Q: Do you see someone coming into my life in a romantic way?
Yes, usually I can answer that. Please keep in mind that just because I can see someone coming into your life, it doesn’t mean that you can just sit and wait for it to happen. You need to live your life and do things as you normally would. Also, keep in mind, just because I see someone coming into your life in a romantic way, doesn’t mean that you will end up being together. Life is about choices, and you’ll need to make them.

Q: My partner and I are trying to have kids – will we be successful?
While I can’t guarantee that you will or won’t have kids – I can usually tune into anything that may be preventing you or your partner from conceiving. Just don’t ask me to change the diapers!!

Q: Do my guides or relatives (deceased) have any messages for me?
Yes! That’s my job as a medium, and I absolutely love this question!

Q: What area(s) of my life do my guides/relatives (deceased) think I should focus on?
Another great question! This is a great way to find out if there’s an area of your life you’ve been ignoring or postponing. It also gives you insight into a part of your life that you may not be aware of!

Q: Will I be successful in a business venture I am thinking of doing?
Well, it depends on what success means to you. Once you can tell me that, I will be in a much better position to give you information.

DISCLAIMER: All information given to you during a reading is based on the path you are on now. The choices you make and the choices you don’t make will influence the outcomes of the information given. I am not responsible for any of the information that has been provided to you. You accept and act on it at your own risk.