Steve The Medium is a spiritual medium who is a clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and an empath. When he was a child, he was always able to sense the presences of spirits around him. In 2006 he began to hone his abilities and develop them beyond just sensing spirits around him. From late 2008 to 2018, he has been offering his services as a medium and a tarot reader to his friends, and friends of friends. In late 2018 he turned to the public sector, offering his services to people from all around the world.

Early Life

Steve was born in Bayshore, NY and raised in Sayville, NY. When Steve was about 8 years old, he began to sense a pair of spirits in his parent’s basement which was also his playroom. Connected to the play room was the laundry room which he was terrified to go into if the light would not turn on. He kept feeling presences, but didn’t know what they were. He largely ignored them, and tried to be like every other child his age.

His 20’s – Where The Magic Started To Happen

In 2004 he was working as a DJ in a club called The Bunkhouse, and also as a Help Desk Technician for a vitamin company. In 2006 there was someone who he knew at the club that he began to develop a strong interest in. One night as he was looking to ask out the person he had an interest in, someone came up to him asking why he looked so nervous. After explaining what was going on, the man who questioned him offered to help him. The next day Steve went to the man’s house and was given a Tarot reading which was incredibly accurate. Intrigued, Steve asked to learn more. He found out the man was a Santeria/Lucumi practitioner, and began learning from him. In 2009 the man who was his teacher was arrested and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Later that year he met another Santeria teacher. She taught him how to fully open what people call the “third eye”. After learning how to do this, he began to fully be able to see and hear spirits. Through the rest of his twenties he practiced honing his abilities and his craft.

His 30’s

In his early 30’s Steve decided to offer tarot and medium readings to his family, friends, and friends of friends. In 2015, Steve and his current spiritual teacher decided to leave Santeria and practice what is known as Ifa (EE-Fah), also known as Yoruba. In 2018, Steve decided to take his gifts public, and do readings at restaurants such as Frankie’s East Side Eatery in Lindenhurst, NY. In November of 2019, Steve was offered to host a show on an international media platform called the Rude Rangers TV network – Steve The Medium. The show is scheduled to air in mid to late 2020. Also in late 2019 Steve began doing readings live on Facebook. He then moved to Twitch where he has begun to build a great community where he can provide readings (tarot & medium) to those who come to him in hopes of giving them answers in their time of need. Steve looks forward to sharing the messages of love and healing to those who need it so they can get the closure they need and begin to fully embrace life once again.

Other Interests & Hobbies

Outside of being a medium, Steve enjoys spending time with family and friends. He is very much into Sci-Fi shows like Star Trek. Other interests include computer programming, video gaming, and spending time with his cat Stash. His heroes and favorite actors include: Stan Lee, Patrick Stewart, Robert Downey Jr., and Tom Holland. As a medium, Steve very much respects and looks up to Tyler Henry as a role model. Tyler’s authenticity, his integrity, and his gentle ways of relaying messages is something Steve strives to emulate.

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